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"Thank you" and "Pledge!"

My "store" went online on Sunday, 27.03.2011. In the first week 8 orders were placed through it, creating a revenue of GBP 2.89 on my partner account. I am amazed. Thank you all!

Here and now I make the pledge that once the first payment is received on my bank account (the minimum payout is GBP 25.00 / € 25.00), I will donate 50% of all earnings to our local animal rescue services. Half of it will go to the "Hogsprickle - Hedgehog and Wildlive Rescue", the other half to The Burren Animal Rescue.

I will continue these donations with each and every payout!
And I will keep you updated on the progress roughly on a monthly basis.

Please visit the websites of both these fantastic services and wonderful people, get to know them and their work, and who knows, you may just fall in love with one of the babies there up for adoption and find the perfect buddy for your home and family.

Again, THANK YOU! 
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